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As part of the rollout of the NDIS, Specialist Disability Accommodation plays an important role in ensuring that those with disabilities are provided with the appropriate housing options to help them achieve independence in life.

Understanding SDA can be challenging for SIL Providers, Support Workers, Participants and their Families.

A major role of LHA is to bring together all parties to ensure that quality  SDA is being built in regional areas of Australia.

LHA have a broad understanding of SDA as we currently offer and continue to deliver SDA in Regional QLD. Understanding all of the different 'models' on offer can be daunting. Our no non-sense approach will ensure you are making an informed decision about SDA moving forward. 

LHA offer free SDA Education Seminars anywhere through-out QLD to ensure that you are given every opportunity to learn more about SDA and how LHA may be able to assist you with your SDA requirements.

Contact us online or call us on 07 4152 9268.

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