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Home modifications are changes to the structure, layout or fittings of the participant’s home that are required to enable the client to safely access and move around frequently used areas in their home as a result of their disability or age.

Working alongside appropriate professionals ie Occupational Therapists/Access Consultants/Designers, carers and family members, LHB assist in design and construction of existing dwellings to make them safer and more accessible by making daily activities such as showering, cooking and general living easier every day for our client.

Working to appropriate Australian Standards and Codes LHB can perform such activities as:

  • Wheelchair ramps making it easier to access the home
  • Bedroom designs to ensure there is enough space to maneuver around easily
  • Upgrading Bathrooms, toilets and showers to have step-free areas and appropriate drainage, accessible fittings, grab rails, storage and vanities as required
  • Ensuring appropriate floor coverings are installed to prevent slips
  • Internal and external lighting including switches and locations of electrical item
  • Upgrading of kitchen facilities to include appropriate appliances/fixtures, accessible benchtops and enough space to maneuver around easily
  • Assistive Technologies including automatic lighting, security, motion sensors, temperature controls and smart technology